The pros of taking steroids

Chicago raised Singer/ Songwriter/ Producer/ and player of multiple instruments, Connor dove head first into his passion for music at a very young age in different ways.

He got his start singing in choirs as a child. At age 18, he moved from The Windy City to Los Angeles where his passion became his career. From writing and recording music as a solo artist, to performing gigs all over the Los Angeles area, Connor has devoted his life to Music.

His love for 90's and early 00's hits paired with a knowledge of different genres from 60's to top 40 can be heard in his voice. He currently is writing and recording music for himself as an artist as well as constantly branching out and making music with others.

Actually only about 30 people were killed from the Chernobyl because they ran straight into the nuclear reactor to throw material to stop the spread of radioactive material going more airborn. Yes there was spike in cancer cases in childern and women in a large radius around the the plant that could be linked to the accident, but it was not nearly as bad as the on averge 11000 deaths cause by just airborn coal emissions. Also, coal emission could be link to much larger accounts of risen cancer risk/cases, and that not just arounds that area where the fuel is burned its is polluting the world-wide with coals nasty bi products of dangerous carcigens and heavy metals.

The pros of taking steroids

the pros of taking steroids


the pros of taking steroidsthe pros of taking steroidsthe pros of taking steroidsthe pros of taking steroidsthe pros of taking steroids