Terpene and steroids biosynthesis

Another study in Egypt involved 204 patients ranging from 12 to 68 years of age with schiostomiasis. Twenty healthy subjects were also followed as controls. The infected patients were divided into 1 of 2 groups: those with schistosomal colitis or those with compensated or decompensated hepatosplenic schistosomiasis. All patients and controls received a formulation of myrrh at a dose of 10 mg/kg/day for 3 consecutive days on a empty stomach 1 hour before breakfast. After 2 months, patients who still had evidence of ova received another course of myrrh for 6 days. The overall cure rate was 91% for all infected patients. The cure rates for patients with schistosomal colitis, compensated hepatosplenic schistosomiasis, and decompensated hepatosplenic schistosomiasis were 90%, 94%, and 90%, respectively. For 12 patients who had never received treatment with praziquantel, the cure rate associated with myrrh was 100%. Patients with liver dysfunction experienced a lower cure rate, but it was not statistically significant. This may be partially explained by more adequate absorption and metabolism in patients with normal hepatic function. All 4 patients with S. hematobium infections experienced a 100% cure rate. Those with S. mansoni had a 91% cure rate. Adverse reactions were reported by 12% of patients. The most common adverse reactions were giddiness, somnolence, mild fatigue, and abdominal pain. 20

NASA have also taken interest, experimenting with chitosan to aid plant growth in space! This is because Chitosan has been found to increase photosynthesis, enhance plant growth, stimulate nutrient uptake and aid in seed propagation. Chitosan also has strong anti-pathogenic properties, naturally up-regulating innate defence responses in plants to combat insects, pathogens and soil-borne diseases. Further research has also shown chitosan applications to increase flavonoid and terpenoid production in a variety of resinous plant species.

Terpene and steroids biosynthesis

terpene and steroids biosynthesis


terpene and steroids biosynthesisterpene and steroids biosynthesisterpene and steroids biosynthesisterpene and steroids biosynthesisterpene and steroids biosynthesis