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Hi Joanne!! 🙂 I have been researching for almost 2 months on behalf of my Yorkie since he was diagnosed with diabetes! 🙂 I love him with all of me and want to make sure I take the best care of him!! I learned that the best food is grain and potatoe free, high fiber, high protein, low-moderate fat and low glycemic. The food I found best fit the description was orijen. And he was doing fabulous otn it but is now turning his nose up a lot. So I have been looking for a diabetic home made recipe and thrilled to find yours!! 🙂 Do you have any idea how much to feed a 12 pound dog per day? How frequent do u feed your dog per day? I divided Ripley’s portions by 4 per day. But if you can tell me the daily portion on your exact recipe I would love to try it. Also do you have any idea of the crude protein and fiber and fat? And what the moisture is? I so appreciate your blog!!! Thank you so much for sharing! In case I can’t figure out how to get back to this can you also email me at porcalana@ . Thank you!! Oh one last thing .. Where do u get the Indian ingredient?
Thank you,

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Stewie steroids brian stairs

stewie steroids brian stairs


stewie steroids brian stairsstewie steroids brian stairsstewie steroids brian stairsstewie steroids brian stairsstewie steroids brian stairs