Steroidy stanozol cena

 Andriol is a form of testosterone (as undecanoate) developed by Organon, a leading pharmaceutical company in the field of steroid hormones. The trick with Andriol is that the compound is orally ingested, but still bypasses the liver and is not broken by liver enzymes and it is not toxic liver. According to the producer, Andriol (which is based on castor oil and propylene glycol laurate) is absorbed through the lymphatic system. Whether this feature of Andriol or something else, testosterone undecanoate fails to produce significant weight savings consistent. On the other hand, it is not ineffective, especially if taken during the day, one capsule every 2-4 hours. Also, Andriol has virtually no side effects: even the natural testosterone production does not seem to be affected. Obviously, such frequent use is both unrealistic and in the end, it is up to the user if he / she wants to take the milder (if costly) approach and get decent gains without endangering his / her : Andriol is a very safe drug, especially in comparison to other forms of testosterone and no serious side effects are known, even if taken in large quantities. Yet it is the least known testosterone ester and some caution is still valid.

Stazol 50mg – Stanozolol is an effective medicine, if it is administrated properly. It is important to know about 2 various forms of this medicine: oral and injectable. While “Stazol" is often refers to tablets, “Stazol Depot is meant injectable form of this drug for intramuscular application.

One of the properties of Stanozolol Depot is following: the active ingredient is dissolved in water, not in oil.

Stazol Depot 50mg – Stanozolol may be applied for both therapeutic and athletic needs. This medicine may be prescribed in case of anemia and hereditary type of angioedema. While anemia is an illness that is known by numerous people, it is important to mention what angioedema represents. This is the rapid swelling of dermis, mucosa, subcutaneous and submucosal tissues.

As for athletic needs, Stazol Depot is effectively applied mainly for cutting phases but it may be useful for bulking cycles as well. Many bodybuilders and other athletes prefer applying this medicine to other steroids. There are certain reasons which can explain this factor. This medication doesn't cause essential weight gain and water retention. So, those who use this steroid don't worry about these unpleasant effects. Furthermore, it is said that this preparation works like a diuretic, increasing the excretion of water from the body of users. So, sportspersons may gain muscle size without fluid and fat accumulation due to usage of this drug. If administration of Stanozolol Depot is accompanied by a proper diet, users gain hard muscles.

25-50 mg of oral Stazol is claimed to be a normal daily dosage. But what is it possible to say about dosage of injectable form of this drug? There are many opinions of users which may be quite controversial. Several advanced bodybuilders confirm that 100 mg of Stazol Depot may be taken daily during a cycle which lasts about 2 months. It is impossible to confirm that they don't experience any unwanted consequence, using such enhanced dose of this drug. Novices confirm that such high dosage of this medication causes hair loss and acne. Then, what is a proper quantity of Stazol Depot for males. 35-75 mg of this drug is claimed to be a sufficient dosage for men.

Women take Stazol too. It is more reasonable for them to use oral Stazol than the injectable one. Although

Stanover is a medicine produced by Vermodje Company which belongs to steroid medicines. On the pharmaceutical market, Stanover (Stanozolol) is represented by its oral and injectable forms. Usually, bodybuilders prefer to use the preparation during their cutting period. This is because it helps to achieve a desired level of muscle strength. At the same time, the product is believed to be not very effective in terms of mass gaining. If you want to incorporate this drug to your steroid cycle, please, visit our online-store at to find out more information and make a purchase.

Steroidy stanozol cena

steroidy stanozol cena