Steroid shot for dogs with allergies

Dr. Bek collaborates with genetic research groups around the world and is credited with the discovery of a previously unknown genetic disease affecting Tenterfield terriers (Congenital Hypothyroidism with Goiter, or CHG). Working with Professor John C. Fyfe, ., ., Associate Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Michigan State University over a period of two years she also played a role in the successful development of a buccal swab for DNA testing for carriers of the disease. The majority of breeding stock of Tenterfield Terriers in Australia has now been tested and carriers are being identified, making it possible for CHG to ultimately be eliminated from the breed.

Hello, Christy,
Activated charcoal can act as an adsorbent (kind of a "chemical sponge") to bind toxins in the gut. If you use a preparation that is safe for people and use a smaller dose, it should be harmless.
If the problem was an insect sting, I doubt that there are any toxins in the gut that the charcoal would help with.
So many times we are unable to determine the source of the allergen.
Kenalog is a long-acting corticosteroid (cortisone) injection that stays in the body for weeks, where the dexamethasone lasts only a couple of days.
Antihistamines like benadryl are often helpful for something like an insect sting, even though most dogs don't get much relief from them in regard to allergic itching.

Bordetella in the nose killed my cat in 1 wk. Her kidneys gave out. Just the other day I took my 7 month old puppy to get Bordetella shot because I needed to board her. She was so sick and would not let me touch her that night. It took 4 days and I ended up canceling my trip to care for her. She is better but the place they injected her has a hard mass. I will never get this shot or put in the nose again for any pet. I should have learned 10 years ago when my cat died of kidney failure just after getting Bordetella in her nose. Please dont get this shot. Forge documents if you need to board your pet before doing this one. My puppy is not out of the woods. The hard mass from the shot may very well turn into cancer. I’m just sick.

Steroid shot for dogs with allergies

steroid shot for dogs with allergies


steroid shot for dogs with allergiessteroid shot for dogs with allergiessteroid shot for dogs with allergiessteroid shot for dogs with allergiessteroid shot for dogs with allergies