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This study isn’t going to change what I currently do as I think it supports my intuition that as yet we still don’t have a good diagnostic system for infant and childhood wheeze. A theory which would support both the Panickar and Foster work is that there are different cohorts of children between the age of 1-5 who present with similar symptomatology but for different pathophysiological reasons. The spectrum of bronchiolitis to viral wheeze to asthma is not precise enough to guide the most effective management. As recent discussion around dexamethasone and prednisolone has shown, if we can’t define the group we are treating how can we adequately assess the response to treatment?

Easier to breathe (98 patients)
Improved digestive function (92)
Clearer/better/sharper vision (49)
Improved circulation (34)
Less ringing in the ears (10)
Acne/eczema better (8)
Dysmenorrhoea better (7)
Asthma/allergies better (6)
Sense of smell heightened (3)
Reduced blood pressure (2)
Numbness in tongue gone (1)
Hiccups gone (1)
Menses function returned (1)
Cough disappeared (1)
Double vision disappeared (1)
Tunnel vision disappeared (1)
Less nausea (1)
Case study: three year old female with acute stomach problems. Peet JB Chiropractic Pediatrics, 1997;310-11.

Steroid research paper titles

steroid research paper titles


steroid research paper titlessteroid research paper titlessteroid research paper titlessteroid research paper titlessteroid research paper titles