Steroid knee injections and diabetes

A recent Spanish study  also showed that hyaluronic acid injections are an economic booster to health systems as they delay the need for joint replacement. In essence, unlike toxic steroids and anesthetics, they are a net positive to the joint. So if you want to get knee gel injections before a knee stem cell injection , they will likely help the effort of cleaning up a toxic arthritic knee. However, there are two key rules you need to follow: guidance and making sure the doctor doesn’t add anything cartilage toxic to the HA. First, guidance means that the doctor uses ultrasound or x-ray to make sure he or she is actually placing the medication in the joint . Why? The rate of the doctor actually missing the joint will go up or down with the injection route taken and the weight of the patient. The “miss rate” can be as high as 20-40%! In addition, if the doctor gets the HA outside the joint, the risk for bad complications can go way up as some of the medications if placed outside the joint can cause a “pseudoseptic joint” (a red and angry joint that looks like it’s infected but really isn’t). Second, and perhaps even more important, is that the doctor adds nothing toxic to the knee gel injections. It’s very common for example for physicians to add a local anesthetic to the HA because they believe it will help with post injection soreness. First, all common local anesthetics are toxic to the joint’s stem cells and many are also toxic to the cartilage. The most commonly used anesthetic for joints is Marcaine/Bupivicaine and it’s highly toxic to both stem cells and cartilage cells! In addition, many doctors will want to add a high dose steroid, which is also toxic to stem cells and cartilage cell s. So injecting the good HA is made bad by adding joint toxic substances to the mix!

Kenalog in blood - Derby et al. "Size and aggregation of corticosteroids used for epidural injections"

  • Depo-Medrol also formed large aggregations in the study by Tiso et al [6]
  • Celestone Soluspan formed large aggregations only in the Derby et al study  [7 ]
  • It is speculated that these large aggregates occlude smaller vessels, and thus lead to infarction .
  • Injection of methylprednisolone vs dexamethasone vs prednisolone into the vertebral artery of pigs – see summary of study here

    SUPARTZ is indicated for treatment of pain in osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee in patients who have failed to respond adequately to conservative non-pharmacologic therapy and simple analgesics, ., acetaminophen. You should not use SUPARTZ if you have infections or skin diseases at the injection site or allergies to poultry products. SUPARTZ is not approved for pregnant or nursing women, or children. Risks can include general knee pain, warmth and redness or pain at the injection site. Full prescribing information can be found here or by contacting customer service at 800-396-4325.

    Steroid knee injections and diabetes

    steroid knee injections and diabetes


    steroid knee injections and diabetessteroid knee injections and diabetessteroid knee injections and diabetessteroid knee injections and diabetessteroid knee injections and diabetes