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Police said the shots were fired from a small, dark-colored vehicle, with a loud exhaust, at the intersection of West Ridge and Line streets, and then on South Chestnut and East Union streets.
Witnesses told police four shots were fired at Ridge and Line streets and two at Chestnut and Union streets.
Investigators recovered shell casings from a semi-automatic handgun to confirm witness accounts of the incidents.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Nanticoke City Police Department at 735-2200.

Chronic lameness will change the shape of the hoof capsule, since the lame limb is not weighted as much as its partner, making the capsule more upright, narrow, with a higher heel on the lame limb and more flattened on the sound one. [10] Hoof or horseshoe wear can indicate breakover and if the horse is dragging its toes. Change in shape of the hoof wall is also common in horses suffering from laminitis. "Founder rings," or thickened concentric rings in the hoof wall, indicate a past episode of laminitis. Concavity of the dorsal (front) surface of the hoof can indicate chronic laminitis. The sole may become convex if the coffin bone begins to push through the bottom of the hoof. [19]

Goldstein et al (2006) determined patient satisfaction with vestibulectomy for VVS and the rate of complications with this procedure.  The primary outcome measurement of surgical success was overall patient satisfaction.  Secondary outcome measurements included improvement in dyspareunia, changes in coital frequency, and occurrence of surgical complications.  A total of 134 women underwent surgery in a 5-year period.  A total of 106 women were contacted, and 104 participated in the study.  Mean duration since surgery was 26 months.  A total of 97 women (93 %) were satisfied or very satisfied with the outcome of their surgery.  Only 3 patients (3 %) reported persistently worse symptoms after surgery and only 7 (7 %) reported permanent recurrence of any symptoms after surgery.  Prior to surgery, 72 % of the women were completely apareunic; however, after surgery, only 11 % were unable to have intercourse.  The authors concluded that in this cohort of patients, there was a high degree of satisfaction with surgery for VVS.  In addition, the risks of complications with this procedure were low, and most complications were transient and the risk of recurrence after surgery was also found to be low.

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