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The founder member of MK Feet Podiatric Clinic Mr Michael Wardlaw FCPodS has additional surgical qualifications and is employed by the NHS as one of only 60 Consultant Podiatric Surgeons in the UK. Mr Wardlaw is also a Surgery Tutor. He is a Musculosketal Specialist and until recently has been employed by the NHS Musculoskeletal Clinic in Milton Keynes. Mr Wardlaw currently performs ‘Choose & Book’ NHS foot surgery at Blakelands Hospital, Milton Keynes and private surgery at both Blakelands Hospital and BMI The Saxon Clinic. He frequently deals with Sports injuries and until recently was the MK Don’s foot specialist. He is recognised as a specialist by all major private health insurance companies. This clinic can therefore offer a very wide range of diagnostic skills and treatments for many foot conditions using state of the art equipment which is seldom available at podiatry clinics. For example:-

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Reddit steroids uk

reddit steroids uk


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