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I have a 2 year old English bulldog with Allergies. He is a picky eater and we have exhausted every option as far as commercial foods. I tried RAW but he got very sick. He has a sensitive stomach and I think the RAW was just to much for him. I am now cooking his meals. I use either , roast beef, ground beef, moose ground or roast. I mix it with brown rice which he did not digest very well. In his stools there was undigested whole brown rice. Now I use white and he digests it just fine. I have put oatmeal, hashbrowns, lentils in his mix. He gets a veggie choice in the mix and lately he has been eating the frozen mixed but he developed yeast infection probably from the carrots. He will not eat the peas as that is the only thing left in the bowl when he is done. He gets a squirt of salmon oil (or 2 ) and organic kelp as well. What am I missing? and what can I be doing better? How much should I be giving him? He follows me to the kitchen all the time, and I don’t think he is hungry rather he loves his food that much he just wants more. As soon as I put his bowl down he comes to eat and gobbles it up. He is the love of our lives and we will do whatever it takes to bring up a happy and “Healthy” dog. For treats he gets snap peas only (he is like my son, won’t eat cooked peas but raw snap he loves)
By the way our furry childs name is John WAyne.

Last time I went to the doctor, just for a routine physical, a pharmaceutical rep was chasing my doctor when I had an appointment with her. I was so upset that my doctor actually talked to these people, they were cutting in my time! Ever since, I always hated drug companies and their practices. They act like they are doing good for the world, when in fact I think people are so controlled by the notion that they NEED medication to survive. I have the old-fashioned mentality that if you eat right, exercise, take care of yourself and take vitamins, you should be fine. There’s no need for medication cocktails. As for the drug companies, I wanted to work for one just to see what their practices were all about. I lost the job to nepotism, one of the doctor’s daughter got the job instead of me.

I just lost my baby 3 days ago , I took her to the vet Saturday because her foot had a infection in it and needed to be lanced , while I was there I asked the vet to check her stomach it was really large and she wasn’t eating , he came back to say her liver was enlarged and gave me some antibiotic pills for her, he thought she had a infection . I asked him to be honest with me and tell me is it bad and he reassured me that her heart and other vitals were great. 2 days later she was acting funny, all of a sudden water and some black stuff poured out of her mouth , then her breathing started getting slower, then she passed…. I can not stop crying , I am praying to God that this void in my heart and pain will go away. I just don’t understand why this happened. she was only 10 years old

Red lion pitbull steroid

red lion pitbull steroid


red lion pitbull steroidred lion pitbull steroidred lion pitbull steroidred lion pitbull steroidred lion pitbull steroid