Polymyalgia treatment without steroids

I was diagnosed in 2013 now 2016. I had to find my own cure, for pmr, a natural diet high in antiinfllammatory foods, omega 3s tumeric, ginger, and the pineapple enzyme Bromelain, vitd3 vitc vite magnesium, for cramping, vit b complex for nerves, calcium and vitk2 for bone building, leafy greens, avocado, fruit, digestive enzymes, all helped, today, I swim, do water aerobics 3times a week, bowl twice a week do pilates once per week, garden, and enjoy life, I do not need painkillers, and I have weaned myself off prednisolone, after the initial6 months, of horrible symptoms, this regime worked for me, I will continue and fine tune this program for the rest of my life, as I do not want to relapse, I try to stay stress free, I believe in dancing music and stretching and having a positive mind set, and I hope others who have this condition will compare my suggestions with others who have similar, results, building up the immune system I believe, is the key to returning to good health.

Polymyalgia rheumatica is treated with a low dose of corticosteroid medication. Doctors prescribe and adjust the dose of steroids (usually prednisone ) to achieve the lowest effective dose. Usually, stiffness associated with polymyalgia rheumatica is relieved quickly. Most polymyalgia rheumatica patients are able to stop corticosteroid medications between 6 months and 2 years. If symptoms recur, which often happens, corticosteroids can be restarted. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) can also be used to treat polymyalgia rheumatica, but usually, when taken alone, they are not enough to control symptoms.

Polymyalgia treatment without steroids

polymyalgia treatment without steroids


polymyalgia treatment without steroidspolymyalgia treatment without steroidspolymyalgia treatment without steroidspolymyalgia treatment without steroidspolymyalgia treatment without steroids