Picture of cow on steroids

Nostalgic look and 'feel.' HA490 Each just 4 inches long. Set of Two. Price Miniature Guernsey Miniatures are wonderful to put on a desk or table. Details are important and this is a very nice detailed Gurensey. Cast from sand and resin it 'looks' fairly realsitic for a realtively inxpensive miniature. MP260 4" long Price Miniature Holstein She'll put you in a good moo-d even if you are at your desk or cow-puter. NIcely sculpted miniature Holstien from sand and resin.. MP270 4" high Price Wonderfully Creative Flipping Cow Sculpture A relatively larger piece about 6 inches high. This cow is 'head over hooves' to be in your home. We are showing two pictures here of the same, sturdy resin piece.

The information of the tags includes our farm brand (starting at the very top of the biggest tag), next is the unique “840” number assigned to only this animal in the United States, followed by the unique number for our farm, in this case 2129. The small white tag has the same numbers and also id an EID tag that contains an RFID information. We currently do not utilize the RFID tag outside of visual use however are we will be implementing the electronic reading in the future to help with efficiency and to eliminate human error.

Picture of cow on steroids

picture of cow on steroids


picture of cow on steroidspicture of cow on steroidspicture of cow on steroidspicture of cow on steroidspicture of cow on steroids