No sex drive after steroid cycle

Gail Sheehy coined the terms first adulthood and second adulthood. She said that in our first adulthood we’re simply consumed with moving from A to B to C — meaning, I assume, that we move from one stage of life to another almost inevitably as people have done for generations: moving out of the family home, separating from our parents, testing our ability to survive as independent adults, developing intimate relationships, and gaining the skills and abilities that we need to support ourselves in life before we put down our own roots, and then have a family.

It’s amazing how different women’s experiences can be! We almost did it with the baby in the bed the night we came home from the hospital and both of us had to take a cold shower. Our first time was after four weeks & it’s definitely different. We have more fun now bc we have to sneak & hurry. At around the ten week mark I hit a wall of not wanting to be touched & we’ve been coping but it’s a challenge & an occasional nidus for conflict. It makes me feel better knowing other mama’s have to adjust too.

On my way home from work I had to deliver an important document to a client, imagine my surprise when the guy turned out to be someone I had met at a gay friends party. Tony invited me in and we got talking and when I told him I was stressed out after splitting from my boyfriend he too had separated from a guy and was feeling low but then suddenly he kissed me and said that he knew an ideal way of relieving stress. Tony led me to his bedroom with its dark red walls, soft lighting and black sheets on the bed. It didn't take us long to undress each other and as we lay on the bed we began to kiss, lick and suck every inch of our sexy new lovers bodies. Tony wanted us to have oral and I certainly wasn't complaining as I sucked his lovely hard cock until he filled my mouth with his lovely spunk and that made me cum just as Tony got his lips around my cock again. I can certainly recommend this sort of stress relief.

No sex drive after steroid cycle

no sex drive after steroid cycle


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