Low 17 ketosteroids

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According to ayurveda, Cissus Quadrangularis boosts metabolism and reduces fat mass in the body. It helps to improve MEDA DHATUAGNI that ultimately increases the bone mass and strength. It increases the weight of bones. It significantly reduces fat deposition around the pelvis, belly, buttocks, and upper thighs. In most cases, inch loss and reduction in abdominal adiposity are observed. However, it is also noted that it is less likely to reduce the overall weight of the body until your bones are weak. In ayurveda community, it is stated that it increases the weight of the bones and reduces the mass of fat. The reduction in overall body weight might not be significant until your bones are weak because the weight will be transferred to the bones. When you continue to consume cissus supplement for a long-run, then it starts reducing the overall weight of the body. It starts when your bones become stronger and they further don’t need extra nourishment for the bones and joints.

Low 17 ketosteroids

low 17 ketosteroids


low 17 ketosteroidslow 17 ketosteroidslow 17 ketosteroidslow 17 ketosteroidslow 17 ketosteroids