How to treat back acne from steroids

Thanks a lot for such an insightful post. I started having acne after coming off the pill. I have been trying to combat the problem. I have been thinking of Zinc and DIM but your post makes much sense. As far as inositol is concerned , I am taking a supplement by the name of Ichol plus, it contains Myo-Inositol. It has helped me a lot in reducing the large , angry and painful bumps on my face. However , I still get small inflamed acne particularly after consuming something sugary. So diet will have to be controlled. I am on the pursuit of finding a long term solution to this problem. Surely there has to be a solution. Millions of women are suffering from this. We can be in touch personally in you like to share insights.

Retinoids . Ointments classed as retinoids work in a similar way to vitamin A on the skin and they are used to treat moderate to severe acne outbreaks, and one of the most popular is tretinoin. These medicated ointments help to unclog pores and reduce the number of acne outbreaks. They also regulate the skin’s production of sebum to help reduce acne infections. Some users of retinol creams say that they make acne worse before it gets better. Also be aware that retinoids have teratogenic effect that can cause embryo or fetus malformations ,8,9 So follow your doctors instructions carefully.

Patchouli: Patchouli essential oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which are important in the treatment of acne. These properties are important when it comes to cleansing the skin and ridding the skin of unwanted build-up that causes acne. It also helps to tone the skin helping to reduce redness, lines, and wrinkles that can be caused by acne. Patchouli is also great in helping to heal wounds and scarring that may have been caused by acne by helping to promote and increase blood flow and circulation along with cell regrowth and regeneration.

How to treat back acne from steroids

how to treat back acne from steroids


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