How to maximize gains on steroids

Pre-workout is more than just energy for the gym. Most all pre-workout supplements contain some kind proven muscle builder like creatine as we already discussed or Citrulline Malate which has been shown  to increase muscle volume and strength. Another good muscle building ingredient you will find in pre-workouts is  Beta-Alanine. Beta-Alanine is good for reducing muscle fatigue and studies have shown  it to significantly increase lean muscle mass and decrease fat in wrestlers. They also contain ingredients like caffeine to give you more energy for your workouts as well as  Betaine Anhydrouse which does many things including lowering fatigue, increasing strength and HGH and also lowering cortisol levels.

Sorry Brad, I saw the comment apeared later. All in all I still think that working out 4 days a week with BRO split training 1 big or 2 small muscless at a time can give great results. There are a lot of people lifting like that with great results. It probably depends on the age and energy etc.. I guess I could see even better results with 2 times a week but I just do not tolerate it. I have to either decrease the volume and number of exercises too much or burn out.. So for me it is better to train muscle every 6-7 days and do it right with a few exercises and higher volume. Worked for many people 10,20,30 years back and still works. Even Tom Venuto (Burn the fat feed the muscle guy), Mike Matthews and a few others train this way with great results.. But it could also be that after soo many years of training our bodies just need a ton of volume to grow…

How to maximize gains on steroids

how to maximize gains on steroids


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