Disturbing results of steroids

My company does a lot of work on Google Drive. I recently got a notification stating that now any editor of any document would be be able to see if I viewed it, and when I viewed it, . my entire viewing history. It’s just so surreal that Google is introducing this at a time like this. I don’t understand why it’s so useful to know when someone viewed a document – edited yes – but viewed?! It’s such an invasion of privacy. Like you said, it’s just data gathering for the sake of it – because it can be done, they think it’s a good idea to do so.

Ruth Marcus laments the fact that three Iowa Supreme Court Judges were voted out of office because they “were part of last year's unanimous ruling to strike down a state law defining marriage as between a man and a woman.”
Ruth Marcus is a bleeding heart liberal (female and Jewish, duh!) bent on demonstrating that she is more compassionate then the American majority, which she views as racist, sexist, homophobic, troglodytes. She competes in the compassion competition engaged in by the lame-stream media and the academy. It is radical non-judgmentalism.
Let’s review some of the nutty, utopian causes that the radical compassionists have brought us: school busing, global warming crusade, affirmative action (discriminating against white guys), gay pride (oxymoron), gay marriage (oxymoron), refusal to shut down the gay bath houses in the 80s that were petri dishes for the spread of AIDS that was killing thousands, the lie that AIDS is just as common in heterosexuals in the West, women in combat, explosion of homeless in 80s was due to Reagan’s housing policies, Socialism & Communism (they didn’t come from the right), self esteem movement to help young blacks, attempt to eliminate grades because low grades hurt self esteem, attempt to eliminate SAT for college admissions because of low black scores, mass legal and illegal immigration from the Third World, etc., etc., etc.
Remember, to succeed in the lame-stream media or the academy today, you have to prove you have more radical compassion for nutty causes than the next guy.

Disturbing results of steroids

disturbing results of steroids


disturbing results of steroidsdisturbing results of steroidsdisturbing results of steroidsdisturbing results of steroidsdisturbing results of steroids