Dbol tren test winstrol

here is my experience with pharmacom,
i ve ordered thinking that they would be pro and i never will again .
i ve already posted a review here on eroids about my order splitted in two who has been destroyed by the customs.
i had to moved earth and sky to have a reshipment because they were waiting for a mail proving the destruction of the item.
i never received any mail and had to beg many time pharmacom to resend me what i ve paid.
they finally did it ...
we re many weeks later and i realise that they resent me highly underdosed sust500.
i ve no effects neither sides effects ...and when i retake sust250 from another lab everything is working .
but the worst arrived this morning, a convenig notice from the police station for this affair.
when u look at packages made by pharmacom it s not surprising.
this is my worst experience where missed my competitition because of their delay in delivery,i ve paid for bunk,and would probably have to pay a fine.
thank you PS.

Dbol tren test winstrol

dbol tren test winstrol


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