Corticosteroids for acute asthma

In our view as there are studies showing minimal side effects of inhaled corticosteroids which are better than oral corticosteroids in treatment of acute moderate to severe asthma. However, Inhaled medications are only effective if they are used precisely. Inhaled corticosteroids show improved clinical control and better airway responsiveness
Adherence to daily inhaled corticosteroid therapy is most important in control of asthma.
As asthma is not a curable disease but using good hygienic practices and creating awareness with appropriate controlling measures, child with asthma minimize the complications and hospitalizations.

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    The most commonly reported side effects were: oral thrush , nausea , headache , and pain in the pharynx or larynx . More rarely reported side effects (occurring in <1% of patients during the clinical trial) include: tachycardia , palpitations , dry mouth , allergic reaction ( bronchospasm , dermatitis , hives ), pharyngitis , muscle spasms , tremor , dizziness , insomnia , nervousness , and hypertension . Patients experiencing an allergic reaction or increase in difficulty breathing while using this medication should immediately discontinue its use and contact their physician. [4]

    Corticosteroids for acute asthma

    corticosteroids for acute asthma


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