Chaos and pain steroids

During the End Times, Be'lakor was all set to return to his former glory and then some, plotting to become the fifth Chaos God by breaking into Kazad Drengazi , the Fortress of the First Slayer ( Grimnir , natch), a temple containing the Chaos Gate that Grimnir used to get to the Realm of Chaos in the first place. Be'lakor used the power of the Chaos Gate to break Tzeentch's curse, regain his physical form, and summon four greater daemons, one of each of the Chaos Gods; two of them had had their shit ruined by Gotrek and Felix once before. Be'lakor and his posse planned to backstab Grimnir from behind, at which point Be'lakor would take all of Grimnir's power and ascend to become the fifth Chaos God, but Gotrek and Felix showed up and wrecked Be'lakor and the Bloodthirster, while Grimnir kicked the asses of the Keeper of Secrets, Lord of Change, and Great Unclean One. It looked like Be'lakor and Gotrek's duel could go either way at first, then Gotrek hit Be'lakor with the Bloodthirster and kicked all their asses back to the Realm of Chaos, ruining Be'lakor's plans and forcing him to go get trapped in a magic ruby by Alarielle for the rest of eternity. One true Everchosen my ass! Somehow he managed to escape into the new world, only to get his ass royally handed to him by the Lizardmen dive bombing him with Pterodactyl riders.

One of my committee members is only a year older than me and will go up for tenure next year. She has a 2 month old baby and is looking at houses with her husband, also an academic. We live in an incredibly expensive city, as I mentioned before. A friend took a TT job in a mid-sized city two years ago and had a baby last year. Neither she nor her husband make a fortune, but they bought a house and have their kid. Somehow dual-income families in much lower wage brackets manage to have kids all the time; it only seems to be academics who require certain salaries to deal with the sacrifices of child rearing.

The crisis has necessitated the invention of emergency opioid overdose solutions such as Narcan -- essentially the EpiPen for opioid overdoses. Here's the thing: Narcan , and products like it, are produced by big pharma companies, which you may remember from, like, two sentences ago, when we told you who created this problem to begin with. Insys Therapeutics make Subsys, an opioid spray which has been described as "heroin on steroids." It's a drug on drugs . It was designed to grant quick relief to people dying from horrible diseases, but in the name of better profit margins, it's also prescribed for anything from back pain to tonsillitis.

Chaos and pain steroids

chaos and pain steroids


chaos and pain steroidschaos and pain steroidschaos and pain steroidschaos and pain steroidschaos and pain steroids