Blasting and cruising on steroids

Regarding Cruising Licences/Permits, specifically with regard to the cancelling/surrendering of one permit to enable a new one to be obtained when returning to the USA within the same twelve months, we had an enlightening conversation with the CPB Officer in St Augustine earlier this week; the key point being that whilst a Cruising Permit cannot exceed twelve months, it does not have to witten for a full twelve months; you can ask for a shorter period. We got one issued which is dated to expire in a little over eight months (when we know that we'll be outside of the USA) and if we do then return here for the next hurricane season too, we will be eligible for a new one when we return. Apparently he issues many of these sub-twelve month licences to the Canadian yachts which spend each winter in the Bahamas and wish to return to the USA, on or around the same date each year, rather than have their 'earliest return' date pushed out by fifteen days each time.

Let's face it; old traditional methods of obtaining profile measurements for blasting are becoming unacceptable due to today's demands for increased worker safety and mine productivity.

That's why we have developed a laser-based Face Profiler System that takes extremely accurate measurements and will calculate bench heights, minimum and optimum burdens, drill hole angles and offsets, and hole depths. The field software runs on a touch-screen activated, rugged data collector providing plenty of safe storage for your data. The process begins with 3 easy steps: shoot the floor, toe and crest – then begin profiling the rock face.

Blasting and cruising on steroids

blasting and cruising on steroids


blasting and cruising on steroidsblasting and cruising on steroidsblasting and cruising on steroidsblasting and cruising on steroidsblasting and cruising on steroids