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Authors: Moreno LZ, Miraglia F, Loureiro AP, Kremer FS, Eslabao MR, Dellagostin OA, Lilenbaum W, Vasconcellos SA, Heinemann MB, Moreno AM Abstract Leptospira inadai is classified as a species of the Leptospira intermediate group that has been poorly studied due to its apparent insignificance to human and animal health. Nevertheless, over the last two decades the species has been described in human cases in India and in carrier animals in Ecuador. Here, we present the first identification and genomic characterisation of L. inadai serogroup Lyme isolated from captured rodent in Brazil. Even though the M34/99 strain was not pathogenic for hamsters, it was able to establish renal colonisation. The M34/99 strain presented high similarity with L. inadai serogroup Lyme human reference ind...

Re your vitamin D levels, which your last blood test showed were too low (you want to be between 60-80 ng/mL), since you are lucky enough to be living in the Phoenix area, — if you are not already doing this — please get outside for at least a half hour sometime between 12pm and 2pm and get some sunshine on your skin (no sunscreen!). You can wear a hat and put sunscreen on your face to prevent wrinkling and age spots, but leave at least your arms and legs bare and sunbathe. If even after taking 4,000 IU per day and getting some sun for a couple of months, you are still not in the 60-80 ng/mL range, your genetic inheritance may — like mine — have resulted in poor absorption of vitmain D, so that you need more than the typical person. Please have another blood test run to check you vitamin D levels in another 2 months.
I will look into recommendations for a good endocrinologist in Phoenix. You might check with Martha Grout, MD. She is in Scottsdale, here’s a link to her website. I do not know her personally, but she is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine –a very good sign, the doctors involved with the IFM are both better informed and more open to integrative medicine. She may know of me, but will certainly know of my husband, Dr. Joe Pizzorno–he has been on the IFM board for 20+ years, is one of their Linus Pauling Award recipients, and served as Chair of the IFM Board for a number of years. Here s a link to Dr. Grout’s website: http://
Re being insurance poor – I am hoping that Dr. Grout will still be able to be helpful. I cannot know your financial situation, but nothing is as important as your health. Please consider investing in your health if you possibly can.
Lastly, re bio-identical hormone replacement. I am on BHRT myself–have been for about 10 years now — and I believe this would also be very helpful for you. Dr. Grout does offer BHRT. To learn more, you could read Dr. Wright’s excellent book about it — explains absolutely everything you need to know about BHRT. Has a horrible title, though – Stay Young & Sexy with BHRT (Smart Publications — http://-/books/stay-young-sexy-with-bio-identical-hormone-replacement-the-science-exp/ )
Please keep me posted on how you are doing. And don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be helpful.

Biogen steroids pictures

biogen steroids pictures


biogen steroids picturesbiogen steroids picturesbiogen steroids picturesbiogen steroids picturesbiogen steroids pictures